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Designing and Building Cutting Edge Interfaces

I'm passionate about building things. I believe that well-designed and executed software is a source of true empowerment to the users. Since 2013, I've been working on designing and building high quality user experiences professionaly.

My expertise spans from conducting user research, analysis, wireframing, prototyping, data visualisation, writing and shippig production ready code. I specialize in modern JavaScript frameworks that enable me to build sleek, fast, and responsive single-page applications. I have been working with big data companies and start-ups, covering IT software management, cloud computing, and oil industry as a designer and developer.

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Understanding Your Business

Context is the key. Understanding the needs of yours and your clients' is paramount. User-driven design and development are at the heart of the process.


Reiterating is the name of the game in R&D projects before they are shipped. From pen and paper sketches to fully fledged hi-fi wireframes and designs, I translate user needs to production ready code.


Transparency in communication is the groundwork for efficient process. Get regular updates via Slack, Jira, and the likes, as well as well documented styleguides and code.


Modern tools offer lots of benefits in digital world. They empower the end user in production, but can make or break a developer. I use modern tech stacks and industry standard tooling to stay top of things.

Design & Development

I use design thinking coupled with my technical skills to solve problems around business needs in proven but creative ways.

Coming from design background, I have always been coding and developed a hybrid approach that encompasses design and development over the years, where both ends of the process are intertwined and inform each other.

My experience of programming in the work of a full stack engineer and desiger has been priceless.
It leads to quicker reiterations, shipping features in record-fast time, better testing capabilities, higher agility, and better decision making.

About me

Artur Janas
UX & UI Designer and Developer
IX Design UK started as a platform for offering design and development services to startups and R&D teams in larger companies. I'm passionate about the possibilities that technology opens up in front of us, the process of design and development of digital products, and striving to use the best practices. Technology is here for us to take advantage of. It's ever evolving, and I thrive on the challenges and opportunities it poses.

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